World Veterinary Day 2021

Posted by Julie Dixon on

World Veterinary Day happens every year and was established to promote and highlight the lifesaving work performed by veterinarians around the world. Celebrated on the last Saturday in April each year, it has been adopted officially since 2000 by the World Veterinary Association.

Though hard to accurately calculate, it is estimated that there are currently 1.8 Million vets worldwide.

There are many vet specialists as well as those we use locally for our dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens etc.Β  Some prefer other animals such as reptiles, equines, zoological and even dangerous ones! Β 

They all unite in one purpose however, to keep our animals safe and healthy and that is a thing of admiration.

Thank you to all the Vets over the world for your care, support, and expertise.

We are lucky to have you.

The Stripey Sausage (Bella & Phoebe and the rest of the team)


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