Our Team

We met in 1990 and have been best friends ever since that day.  We are pooch parents and over the years we have had some fabulous and memorable times with our four pawed babes.  For those we have lost we remember, honour and share our good times with each other in support. 

With over 30 years experience between us in customer service we have, as you may have also, been on the receiving end of bad service.  Our aim is to banish this and provide you with the best customer service possible. 

We can't really put into words what we feel about our dogs - they mean the world to us. We recognise that you cannot always get the true quality items that your dog deserves, and with a lot of research, we hope you enjoy our empawrium offerings. 

If there is anything you think we should stock, please get in touch with us at info@thestripeysausage.co.uk 



Fur mother to two fabulous sausages Bella and Pheobe - they really do rule the roost.


Dog lover and animal advocate who's had them her whole life, really does believe they're our four pawed soul mates.


With us at the start of this new business journey, we pay homage to this gorgeous lady. 

At 14 years young we sadly said goodbye last month but this company will continue with the spirit and gusto this beautiful lady gave us.

RIP our beautiful girl. x 


This little lady has very high demands of her parents, she loves food and will do anything for a delicious morsel!

She's now 10 years young and still thinks she's a pup.  Absolutely adorable in every way, we think you'll agree she has a fab modelling career ahead. 


Don't let those eye's fool you.  This little bunch of gorgeousness would steal your heart in seconds if you met her. 

Shy to begin with, she is a force of nature and as with every dog, utterly adorable!  


One bundle of energy, Jules' newest addition to her family and what a beautiful girl she is.  Feisty like the terrier genes she has but just too cute!

She's settled in like she's always meant to be here.