Unconditional love

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Hey everyone, so this will be an emotional one - TISSUE ALERT warning!

I've been the privileged owner of 3 dogs of my own in my lifetime with my amazing hubby. 

Over the last 25 years we've shared our lives with three of the most beautiful characters to have ever inhabited this earth. Their names: Tad, Sasha and Wills. 

They have taught me many things, but the one thing which is the most beautiful, is unconditional love.

Whether you have rescued or owned your own dog from a pup what never has ceased to amaze me is the unconditional love we receive each and every day of our lives spent together.  The laughter, the sadness, the "oh you never rolled in THAT" to the "you are just the most beautiful bubs in the world".

Cam and I both feel that we are privileged every day to have these beautiful dogs in our lives. It's enriched with joy, laughter and a sense of honour to have these dogs find us to care and look after until the day we have to say goodbye. 

Dogs give us many things in our lives, but their unconditional love and loyalty cannot be surpassed by any human. 

Love and cherish your babes while they're here. Our lives are not the same once we've parted, but we have many many opportunities to continue to love and help our next four pawed member of our family. 

Just needed to share some words and pics of my babes that I'm missing so much each day that passes. 

Give your furries a massive hug from us ❤️

Love Jules x x


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