The Many Uses of Ruff & Tumble Drying Coats

Posted by Cam Sinden on


Don't we all love it when we buy something stylish and good quality? 

We love it even more when they have many uses...

Apart from the drying coats being amazing, with fab drying qualities after wet walks, baths etc, they can also be used for the following to keep our pooches happy:

As a comforter - to help calm anxious dogs, for example during fireworks season or any time of stress (they have a similar effect to the Thunder jackets sold solely for this purpose).

As a cooling aid - in extreme heat.  Wet the inside of the coat and put the coat on damp for instant cooling

As a post op aid - for protecting stitches or wounds.  These are a pleasant alternative to the collar of shame (which we all know our pooches don't like to wear!)

Please check out our range of colours, we also offer various sizes. 


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