The Stripey survival guide to washing your dog

Posted by Cam Sinden on

  • Hide all evidence from your 4-legged friend of the upcoming bath/shower.
  • Clamber under beds or behind furniture to retrieve your dog, bribery may be necessary at this point!
  • Convey dog to said bath or shower, continue with the bribery.
  • Carefully secure dog, block off all escape routes!

Now for the actual washing…

  • Thoroughly wet dog, lukewarm water is usually better received by said dog. Please Note: Never use hot water to wash your dog.
  • Rub soap all over, lather well.  Ensuring to avoid your dogs eyes.
  • Rinse well until water runs clear.
  • Use a lovely fluffy towel to dry them or why not get one of our fabulous Drying Coats (please visit the clothing section of our website for various colours and sizes).

Finally, watch while your dog finishes drying him/herself on your carpet !

For our range of soaps for your dog please visit the Paws & Fur section of our website.  Our range of soap and other items in that section are made right here in the UK!

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