DACHSHUND Drying Coat - MUD Country Collection by RUFF & TUMBLE

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We're so proud to stock Ruff and Tumble Drying coats for Dachshunds.   These are the best drying coats on the market that we have ever found!  

Special features:

  • The two layers of natural cotton towelling form a membrane to draw moisture from the dog’s coat as quickly as possible
  • A long adjustable hood for drying soggy ears
  • Super wide adjustable belly flap covers the underside of the dog and dries the problem areas
  • Non-restrictive design ensures dogs are free to move around without tripping and means dogs LOVE wearing their Ruff and Tumble

Benefits of a Drying Coat:

  • Absorbent, soft and comfortable for the dog to wear
  • No more back breaking drying of soggy dogs, (the coat does all the work!)
  • Protection for car and home
  • No more mud splattered walls
  • No more piles of old towels
  • No more cold, wet dogs
  • No more wet dog smell

Washing Instructions:

Wash it with the Velcro done up, on 30 degrees, without fabric softener. Tumble dry on gentle.

Size Chart:


Approx weight



Dachshund Mini

4kg - 7kg

30cm - 36cm

Miniature Dachshund

Dachshund Standard

11kg - 14kg

47cm - 56cm

Standard Dachshund

Specialist sizes for short legged breeds (Dachshunds) feature a cut out shoulder enabling the dog to walk without the worry of tripping up.

To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know your dog’s weight and 'topline' (the topline is measured from the shoulder blades to the start of the tail).

Weight is the most accurate measurement. 

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