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Koko's Maroon lead features a deep berry red and purple ikat fabric.. Your dog will look the part with this juicy print. Why not treat them to matching collar, bandana and pooh bag dispenser.

These Dogs Dream Leads are made from Ikat fabrics sourced from small scale rural weavers in India. 

Koko Collective's collars and leads all use durable polyester webbing  sandwiched between two layers of fabric and strong metal D-rings and hardware. Each collar and lead is finished with two layers of bicycle tube, which is a great vegan alternative to leather, we source our bicycle tube from small bicycle repair shop in Kolkata.

Lead length: 134cm

Please check out the other items in the range: collar, bandanas, and poop bag dispensers.

Material: Ikat, woven.

Washing Instructions:
Please hand wash with warm water and mild detergent.

KOKO Collective’s products are made by the charity Calcutta Rescue. They employ 10 artisans that have been connected to the charity either due to illness or from attending the charity's schools. KOKO Collective have travelled to India and worked closely with the team to design and create their products. Calcutta Rescue is Fair Trade certified giving their employees a fair wage and access to free healthcare and schooling for their families.

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